IndianPharmaJobs is not a consultancy service. Its a Platform created for Pharma Sales & Marketing Managers (ASM to VP) / Hiring Managers to Post vacancies under them .

Its started by a person who is one amongst you and had worked in Pharma industry for more than 2 decades.

As of now Managers can not post vacancies on job portals, Indian Pharma Jobs provides that access to Managers of Pharma Industry to hire candidates directly by them.

Thus IndianPharmaJobs is a common platform where Managers can Post vacancies and Candidates can search and apply to those vacancies directly. 

Posting Jobs on Indian Pharma Jobs is FREE but to keep the platform financially sustainable a very nominal annual subscription of Rs200 +GST  is kept  for candidates. 

Currently its dedicated for Jobs in Pharma Sales & Marketing .

a) Just visit IndianPharmaJobs , Go to Menu / Home ,click on Register ,fill your details ,choose password and you are now registered on the website. 

b) If you visit the website by a job link from whatsapp/ Facebook / Linkedin , select "I am a New User" and register 

To see complete contact details , you need to subscribe to IndianPharmaJobs . Subscription charges are valid for 1 year .

After registration / creating account , Login to the website as existing user or login link from home page , website will take you to Subscription Page ,you can choose the payment method and click on Pay Now .

Charges for 1 year subscription package is Rs 200 plus GST

No ,Posting jobs is free , it does not require subscription . 

1. In current scenario ,Managers are posting in Whatsapp groups and if it is not shared then it remains restricted to a limited members of WA group. But once you Post on IndianPharmaJobs , your job is online and can be seen by anyone . 

2. After posting jobs , it will show in your account . You  have the control to Delete or Repost the job .

3. Lots of candidates visit our website who can apply to your job .  We also share the posted jobs in our social media groups with relevant candidates.

a) 99% of cases subscribers forget the password , just click on Forget password option ,submit the email id on which subscription is done , you will receive a mail to reset the password . Reset the password and login again .

b) Few cases ,people have created two accounts and are trying to login with other account on which subscription is not done , enter your correct email to login 

This is a FREE service 

This section helps Managers who travel for Ex / Outstation for field working by Car find a co traveler from pharma industry .

How to Use it? 

1.First a user has to verify his/her identity ( Govt Id and Designation proof)  as this free service is allowed only for people working in Pharma Sales .

2.User has to register either as a Manager or Representative .After registering user can only view travel details of his category .E.g if someone registers as Representative , he then can see travel details posted only by other representatives. 

 3.There are two sections Seeking a Ride   and  Offer a Ride 

4.User who  is going by Car  will put travel details in Offer a Ride and submit .These details can be seen by a Ride seeker in  Seeking a Ride section by putting date , travel place and destination.

4. Once a user see the travel details , he can only whatsapp the Car owner ( No name or phone number will be shown openly)  that he is interested to travel with him and if it suits the car owner ,they can mutually fix up the schedule .

Benefit of Using Ex/ Outstation Travel

1. Travel post gets deleted after the travel date or time OR a user can delete himself if finds his co travelers from his own contacts .

2. You will find only pharma people from this service whose working timings will match with yours .

3. Posting your travel details online would give you more probability to find co travelers than limited members of whatsapp groups.

You can check if google chrome needs to be updated in google play store .

2. Click on 3 dots on top , click on settings , privacy and security , delete all cache and cookies 

No , currently there is no App available for our website . 

But you can create a shortcut of the website in your phone , it will work like an app.

Do the following :

1. Click on 3 dots in google chrome when website is open.

2. Click on Add to Home screen , it will create a  link on your phone. Now you need not open google chrome everytime .