About Indian Pharma Jobs

We strongly believe that every candidate should have access to all the vacancies of his Desired Location and Position.

This desire led to formation of Indian Pharma Jobs

Indian Pharma Jobs is a Job Posting platform created for posting jobs in Pharma Sales ,Marketing ,Manufacturing ,QA/QC / etc.

Any person working in Managerial position and having a vacancy under him can Post his Job advertisement in Employer Section.

Candidates Search Jobs based on their Desired Position and Location and Contact / Apply directly to the Job Posting Person after a nominal yearly subscription.

Indian Pharma Jobs also shares the posted vacancies through social media so that it reaches the relevant candidates.

To Search Latest Pharma Jobs

Indian Pharma Jobs   is a one stop platform for pharma  professionals  to SEARCH LATEST PHARMA JOBS   as per their location and designation for pan India . We provide pharma  jobs of different designations at various cities and towns spread all across India.

A candidate can search for Medical Representative(MR), Area Sales Manager(ASM),Regional Manager(RSM),Zonal Sales Manager(ZSM),General Manager(GM),National Sales Manager(NSM),PMT  , QA /QC ,RND ,Regulatory Affairs ,Pharma Manufacturing etc like  jobs on Indian Pharma Jobs.

Candidates just have to put their desired location , position and click on  search button . He or She would then be directed to list of jobs in that search and they can then contact the respective Employer / Manager directly and offer their candidature  after creating their account and a very very nominal yearly subscription. Pharma Job Search  is now a very easy task with Indian Pharma Jobs.


To Post Pharma Vacancy

Indian Pharma Jobs provides an easy and simple platform for Managers / Employers from Pharmaceutical Industry  to Post Pharma Vacancies for pan India basis . These jobs are then searched through by candidates looking for change.

The jobs posted on Indian Pharma Jobs are also shared with the relevant candidates location wise and designation wise through social media for immediate results . This gives the Managers or Employers a better candidate reach  and options to hire appropriate talent for their organization .

So if you are in Pharma Industry and you are looking for a job for yourself or you want to hire , Indian Pharma Jobs is the best  and unique platform to SEARCH and POST Pharma jobs